Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Advertising

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a combination of paid search engine listings and free website submissions, to make sure that your website reaches consumers using search engines for purchase options. Therefore, SEM is simply purchasing advertising for your company from Search engines like Google. Their computers then sensibly merge your advertisements with search results if only users search phrases that imply an interest in your product or service. If you sell cell phones, and a user is looking for cell phones, your advertisement will appear on the same page as the search results for cell phones.

Benefits of Investing on Search Engines

  • Search engines outshine all other media in directing visitors to websites with most of the Internet users stating search engines to be the best method to find websites.
  • Visitors that come to your website through search engines are most valuable because they are qualified visitors actively searching for a service, product or solution.
  • Search engines work non-stop 24/7.

Why do you need Search Engine Marketing?

  • Most of the users do not look beyond the first 2 pages of search engine results. Users rather use another search engine then click beyond the first 10 results. How will your company succeed if you are not noticed there?
  • Many users think that companies present in the top search results are a leading brand in their particular service/product category. SEM improves your online profile as well as creates brand awareness.
  • SEM yields a higher ROI (Return on Investment) in terms of driving more visitors to your website, good sales leads and consumer acquisitions than all other form of marketing.

With SEM, the aim is for user to see your advertisement and also to click it to go to your website (click-through) and purchase your products or services (conversion to sale).

There are some aspects you need to know before you start advertising:

  • Pay per impression (PPI). This model is the most like conventional newspaper and TV advertisements, where advertisers purchase each page-view (impression) or ad appearance on a search result page, whether user pays attention or not.
  • Pay per click (PPC). This is a common model nowadays advertisers do not pay per appearance of the advertisement, but only if a user clicks on an advertisement and is rerouted to the advertiser website.
  • Pay per action (PPA). It only pays when a user clicks through and takes other actions (conversion), like purchasing a product or answering a web form.

What can we do for you as SEM experts?

  • Keyword research and prediction of budget: Each one of these models starts with the advertiser selecting the most appropriate search keywords to match up with user searches. Common keywords have greater costs. We analyze, research, and estimate hit rates, to optimize your business and set a campaign-investing budget for you.
  • Ad copy writing and campaign setup. There are lots of additional variables that the novice marketer may not even consider like competitors and positioning strategies, cost management, match varieties, search and content syndication, and ad copy testing too, creating the best ad wording and layouts. We do all this for you.
  • Performance report and tracking. Advertising is centered on obtaining the most results at minimal cost. You might be getting good traffic, but bad conversions. We will monitor your campaign from click to transaction, giving you detailed reports on and ROI (return on investment).

If all these things are done right, you will get revenue from selling your product. Also, by displaying other people’s advertisements on your website or blog, you can earn money from advertising just like Google and Facebook, who provide services for free, yet still make millions in revenue.